The saddest music you gave me

It’s where we really exist! #Silence#WordsAreFullofLetters


I heard your silence

like bittersweet melodies in my head

a soundless humming in my heart

and I could almost. Almost.

feel your hands on mine

like where it was before

My hands shiver from their void

longing for the slightest bit of caress from your skin

wafting through its loneliness

catching only dry air in between the spaces of my fingers

Time has stolen our promises

regrets echo in the whispers of the chilly wind

hissing by my side

as I bury uncertainties in misery

as I carry on in the loudest silence I have ever heard

with the saddest music you gave me

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Silent Mirror

Shhhhh shhhh shhhhhh

…….. (hear that?)

Silent space

It’s where we really exist

No lies, no disguise, just face

Two-face in our own real-i-ties 


Space to create and procreate

Existence is neither far or near

Just be silent


Devoid of fear and all the other illusion 

Live in space

Become and unbecome in silence

Silent space

Wisdom to share…

The Wisdom to share is a – 

Smoothie Recipe
8oz Papaya

7 -9 oz Vanilla sweet almond milk

Lime squeeze and a little rhine

Cacao nibs

Tablespoon of instant coffee 

Table spoon of a sweetener your choice 

5 cinnamon shakes to every 16oz


Wait for it


An Open Letter to the Neighbor Who Filed a Complaint against my Black Lives Matter Sign

Dear Neighbor, I don’t know who you are, but you surely know me. We’re a pretty conspicuous family: two dads—one white and one Asian—and two young kids—one black and one Latino—who live right up the street from Thoreau Elementary. Maybe you’ve seen me reading on the porch while my kids play soccer in the front […]

Love her…

I love her for the graceful way she challenges opposition

I love her for the lovely way she loves herself 

I love her for the way she embraces her environment with all her soul

I love her for being vulnerable, genuine and cliché all in a single moment

I love her for relentlessly responding to her mission in an unresponsive world 

I just love her