Star seed convo … Print less, feel more

​Jan 29, 2016

in my journey, there are those moments when I experience some low vibrational encounters. and it winds me up honestly. where have you put this “baggage”? any advice? 

3:18:07 PM

it is ok to have those and let it happen 
3:18:44 PM

the key is to 

3:18:50 PM

not stay in the low recognize it 

3:19:00 PM

totally not 
3:19:06 PM

and shift focus 
3:19:19 PM

absolutely no no no  
3:19:20 PM

yes – shift focus 

3:19:27 PM

shift focus 

3:19:29 PM

shift focus 

3:19:33 PM


3:19:35 PM

some times we will have those and that is part of the growth 
3:19:50 PM

it almost caught me slippin’ 
3:20:00 PM

and that is fine but once you recognize it move it away 
3:20:22 PM

do whatever it takes to shift it  

3:20:32 PM

yes – good good point 
3:20:42 PM

many thanks 

3:21:41 PM

anytime listen to a song that’s not depressing 
3:22:03 PM

hype music 

3:22:07 PM

it changes our vibration something that you enjoy 3:22:21 PM



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