Take from me all, I offer unto you

Take from me these scars 

Take from me the wisdom of these scars

I am grateful when you take from me


Myself Again


I’ve challenged so many things to get by and now

And now

I’m spent over these cycles of ditches and ah ha moments

Ditches then ah ha moment … ditch then ah ha

When do I wake up even-mannered?

Will I ever wake up?

On the mat, in mindful breath, that’s where!

I have no problem there

Fortunately for me, the world is not isolated to yoga mats and comfortable stretch pants

I have to stretch my pants, stretch my breath

I have to stretch and connect

I suppose sharing these words will help

My words, I connect

We connect

Ah ha

Stranger at the door


Who’s there?

No, she doesn’t live here. She moved on. 

I’m the new tennant here. 

No, I don’t sell dreams.

Do I sell drugs? Hell NO! What kind of question is that? 

I don’t do drugs. 

My parents are right where they need to be. My entire family is good. 

Ok, you’ve taken up enough of my time. 

You go on and have a pleasant life!

Fuck off and good riddance. I appreciate you. 

Death of a Generation

Peculiar world we live in.

Transactional as fuck

We prefer to deny ourselves of ourselves.

Since when? 

Maybe we’ve become what we consume.

Processed, industrialized and desensitized – shallow sorcery at best.

Can we settle for the notion that the mind has taken control?


In which case, where is the will for our soul? 

Celebrating Truth!

we are gathered here today, in the presence of this wonderful committee, to honor those with extraordinary purpose; those that have souls deeper than most can access, those that shield others from danger, those that look for no celebrity – simple thanks would do, those that don’t need to post selfies of exotic trips because they literally fly around the universe saving lives in their multidimensional existence, those whose presence move a crowd without uttering a  single word, those that sit in silence praying for the evolution of mankind, those that stay up at night trying to imagine ways to positively impact their environment, those that celebrate truth. 

First day of the rest of my life …

I create 

Only every now and then

Because I’m oddly ashamed of the filters I use to share my experience. The filters that I believe protect my fair needs. 

Somehow, even with the filters, I’m barren and needy. 

It makes no difference 

Does it?

A benefit

Is it?

Perhaps, I just can’t afford my creativity

Star seed convo … Print less, feel more

​Jan 29, 2016

in my journey, there are those moments when I experience some low vibrational encounters. and it winds me up honestly. where have you put this “baggage”? any advice? 

3:18:07 PM

it is ok to have those and let it happen 
3:18:44 PM

the key is to 

3:18:50 PM

not stay in the low recognize it 

3:19:00 PM

totally not 
3:19:06 PM

and shift focus 
3:19:19 PM

absolutely no no no  
3:19:20 PM

yes – shift focus 

3:19:27 PM

shift focus 

3:19:29 PM

shift focus 

3:19:33 PM


3:19:35 PM

some times we will have those and that is part of the growth 
3:19:50 PM

it almost caught me slippin’ 
3:20:00 PM

and that is fine but once you recognize it move it away 
3:20:22 PM

do whatever it takes to shift it  

3:20:32 PM

yes – good good point 
3:20:42 PM

many thanks 

3:21:41 PM

anytime listen to a song that’s not depressing 
3:22:03 PM

hype music 

3:22:07 PM

it changes our vibration something that you enjoy 3:22:21 PM